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About our Crystal


Swarovski ® 

Swarovski is the world’s leading crystal manufacturer.  Each 30% lead crystal Swarovski Element (formerly Strass) chandelier component is optically pure, cut to precise dimensions and, with the immaculate polishing technology, refracts light like no other.  This range offers a unique spectrum of cuts, shapes, colours and effects.

Swarovski launched this luxurious crystal in the 1965, when David Malik was the first person in this country to recognise its potential and, by using the brilliant, cutting edge crystal in his designs, a new age of illustrious chandeliers began

When we first started using this crystal in our work, Swarovski was an unknown name in the field of chandelier components and we are honoured that our founder, David Malik, played an important part in introducing Swarovski crystal for lighting to the market.

The signature is a symbol derived from the STRASS logo which is indelibly engraved on almost every crystal (for clear crystal from 12mm, for coloured crystal from 18mm, crystal in the colours of Bordeaux, Jet and Emerald are excluded). 

The STRASS Swarovski by providing a Certificate of Guarantee of Origin.

Swarovski SPECTRA ®

SPECTRA Swarovski crystal is machine cut in a reliable high quality.  Swarovski’s second line for the lighting sector has been a registered trademark since 1999 and offers the most important cuts in clear crystal.  Although a much smaller range than the original STRASS, it provides an excellent alternative that is unmistakably manufactured by Swarovski. 

We also have an exquisite range of crystal door furniture and crystal components.

Traditional Crystal

Traditional crystal, comparable with the old English and French drops, is sourced from the finest production throughout Europe, mostly being hand-cut using methods going back over 200 years. 

More economically priced chandeliers are dressed with machine cut crystal.

Rock Crystal

The original meaning of the word crystal is from krustallos, Greek for ice. Clear quartz has an ice-like appearance with patterns of silver and milky inclusions. Cool to the touch, it is a natural material. Mined, then hand-cut and polished in various shapes such as pear drops, kites and balls, each piece has its own unique qualities.

Rock crystal adorned the earliest chandeliers from the 16th century for royalty and the nobility.  A chandelier dressed with rock crystal hangs in Hampton Court Palace.